MVP Explains Backstage Segments With Different Wrestlers, Wants to Create a Stable

MVP had been gone from the WWE for several years before he returned at this year’s Royal Rumble. Though initial reports had the Rumble match being a special appearance and MVP to take the role of a producer, that hasn’t how things have played out.

MVP is currently playing a managerial role to Bobby Lashley, accompanying him to the ring and occasionally tagging with him. He’s also been seen making several overtures to “help” other wrestlers backstage.

As MVP told talkSport’s Alex McCarthy, there’s a reason for his backstage segments as he wants to and has been pitching having a stable.

“It’s something I’ve been discussing and let’s see how things go,” said MVP. “I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised if I can take this. . . just watch me work!”

One wrestler MVP has been constantly approaching is current US Champion Apollo Crews. Crews’ constant rejection of MVP’s offer has led to a match between the two at Extreme Rules.

“I tried to mentor him, I wanted him to learn! So he could have a legendary United States Championship run but he didn’t want to listen,” said MVP.

“Sometime’s life’s lessons are hard. If you’re going to be dumb, you better be tough,” he concluded.