“My Time Has Come to Let The Undertaker Rest in Peace” – The Undertaker Says Goodbye at Survivor Series

30 years after The Undertaker first walked through that curtain and into a WWE ring, The Deadman exited for the final time.

Several legends including Kane, Savio Vega, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Ric Flair Triple H, Henry Godwin, and Shane McMahon all made their way to the ring before exiting and allowing WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to cut a promo about The Undertaker’s career.

The Deadman then made his way to the ring and stated that the time had come for The Undertaker to rest in peace, before kneeling and WWE were able to CGI Paul Bearer above him holding his urn so that The Deadman could reach his hand out to him.

It was a heartfelt moment that saw The Deadman remain on his knees while the bell continued to toll, before slowly making the long walk up the ramp for the final time.

It was thought that the likes of The Fiend or even Sami Zayn could have interrupted The Deadman or set up just one more match for the 55-year-old but interestingly the whole segment went by without a hitch and WWE’s most loyal son has now been able to walk away from the company.