Naomi Reaches Out To A Number Of Former WWE Divas Ahead Of This Week’s SmackDown

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The Iconic Duo has definitely changed the face of SmackDown Live since their arrival, but recently they have turned their attention to former SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi. The Total Divas star has attempted to force both Billie Kay and Peyton Royce to “Feel The Glow” in recent weeks, but sadly the numbers game has played a huge part in giving them an advantage.

Naomi has been part of a number of interesting teams over the past few years and she is in dire need of back up right now, which could be why she has reached out to a number of former and current WWE Divas in the hopes that they will level the playing field on Tuesday night.

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It appears that Asuka was the first wrestler that Naomi approached to help her against The Iconic Duo before she moved on to former WWE Women’s Champion Melina, who just so happens to be her dream opponent for Evolution.

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When Melina seemingly didn’t respond, Naomi decided to enlist the help of NXT’s EST Bianca Belair, she would definitely be someone that could neutralize The Iconic Duo, but it’s whether she can find time in her busy schedule to help. The main roster would definitely welcome Bianca with open arms.

Other stars that Noami has approached include former Total Divas Star Summer Rae, who has reportedly retired from the business and is now pursuing an acting career.

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And her former Funkadactyl teammate Cameron.

It is thought that the most obvious teammate would be her family member and fellow B.A.D partner, Tamina Snuka, who has been sidelined over the past few months with a rotator cuff injury but she could easily be cleared in time to give Naomi a hand.

Naomi has built this up so much on Twitter over the past few days that many fans are now tuning in to SmackDown Live this week just to see who turns up to support her.