Naomi Wants To Team With Bianca Belair

During a recent appearance on the podcast Chasing Glory, former SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi talked with host Lilian Garcia about some of her hopes for her career moving forward.

According to Naomi, she’s excited by all the possibilities that are now available to the WWE’s women’s roster, including the crop of fresh new talent on NXT.

According to the former champion, she’s already pitched the idea to creative and management about her and NXT’s Bianca Belair working together.

“Hell yeah! I’ve already tried to put that bug in their ear,” Naomi said regarding working with Belair.

“Whether it’s together, or against each other, I think character-wise, it would be great,” she continued.

At this point, Garcia chimed in and said that she could see Naomi and Belair as a tag team gunning for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. Naomi agreed and said she would love to do so because it would make history.

“It would be history-making if we had the first official women’s African-American tag team,” said Naomi. “It hasn’t really happened. I would love to be part of that, and make history.”

“It may not happen now, it may be years down the road, but that would be so dope. Even if it was for one day. It’s such a special time to have such diversity right now in this division. I love it, it’s beautiful,” she added.

Naomi had been absent from TV for the later part of 2019 as she struggled with personal issues, including her husband facing drunk driving charges. She made her return to WWE as a surprise entrant in 2020’s Women’s Royal Rumble match.