Natalya and Becky Lynch Bring Up The Past To Hype SummerSlam Match, Carmella and Lacey Evans Get In Tweet War

Current WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and her SummerSlam opponent Natalya got into a brawl during the last episode of Raw and are continuing to heat up their feud on social media.

Lynch, who has already vowed to beat Natalya in her home country of Canada, took to Twitter and posted a video of the times that Natalya attacked her.

Vowing that The Man never forgets, Lynch states that it is time for Natalya to pay her debts.

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The video was retweeted by Natalya who also referenced her and Lynch’s past. Natalya brought up their time together on NXT, claiming she “spoon fed” Lynch.

“You should thank me for smartening you up. In fact, there probably isn’t ‘The Man’ without this beating. So, you are welcome. Get ready to pay me back with the RAW Women’s title,” wrote Natalya.

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Carmella Not Impressed By Lacey Evans

WWE Women Superstars Carmella and Lacey Evans seems to be starting a little feud with each other on Twitter.

Evans recently posted on her Instagram that she was voted by WWE fans as the Best Breakout Superstar, to which Carmella had some shady comments.

“To be fair, you’re the only new female talent that they’ve actually used all year,” wrote Carmella.

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The Lady of WWE took to Twitter to respond to the Princess of Staten Island, basically calling Carmella “jealous” and “nasty.”

Evans has just come out of an unsuccessful run for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship against Becky Lynch. Carmella, on the other hand, has mostly just been playing support to R-Truth and his quest to retain the 24/7 title. Whether this Twitter exchange will actually lead to a feud between the two women has yet to be seen.