Natalya Officially Calls Beth Phoenix Out of Retirement for a Singles Match

In 2012, Beth Phoenix retired from in-ring competition and made her way into the WWE’s prestigious Hall Of Fame just five years later. Now, it’s perhaps time for The Glamazon to come out from retirement for one more match.

Natalya’s friendship with Phoenix dates back over a decade and during those ‘Divas’ years, it was only once that The Queen Of Harts had the opportunity to lock horns with The Glamazon.

During a Q&A session on Youtube, Natalya labeled Phoenix as her greatest opponent and officially challenged her Divas Of Doom partner to a singles match by calling her out of retirement.

“I’ve wrestled her once and one time only, but Beth Phoenix was one of my favorite opponents of all time. There is only one Glamazon and she truly is amazing and I can’t wait, I can’t wait for the opportunity, one day, for the Glamazon to come back and I’m basically challenging Beth Phoenix to come back. I’m calling you out of retirement, Glamazon, I’m calling Beth Phoenix out of retirement because I want to challenge her to a match.”

“Glamazon, that was an official challenge to you.”

It remains to be seen if Phoenix is ready to humiliate Natalya for a second time, eight years since her first victory over The Dungeon Diva.