Natalya Reveals That She is Renaming Her Move in Honor of Brodie Lee

Several WWE stars have shared some hilarious and heartwarming stories about Brodie Lee over the past few days, where it has become clear that the former WWE star had quite a sense of humor.

Big E recently shared a Tweet where he revealed how much Lee liked to have a rivalry with the female wrestlers in WWE.

The former Champion revealed that the AEW star would steal Dana Brooke’s poses, tell people that Natalya stole his lariat move, and even sent Big E an image of Sonya Deville where she appeared to have stolen his style.

Natalya responded to the Tweet to reveal that the update had “made her day” and announced that she was going to rename her spinning lariat in honor of the late star.

Of course, Lee would deliver his own version of the move as a Discus Lariat, which was used by Xavier Woods on Monday Night to pay tribute to the star.

Natalya hasn’t revealed what she is naming the move on Social Media as of yet, but the former Women’s Champion is expected to be part of this week’s episode of SmackDown on Friday Night where she could unveil her newly named maneuver.