Natalya Talks Losing Tooth on Raw, Her Feelings Towards Lacey Evans

Natalya did not have a good night during the last episode of Raw. Aside from losing her opportunity to challenge for the Raw Women’s Title, she also lost a tooth from a kick from Lacey Evans.

On Table Talk with D’Von, Natalya downplayed the injury and also gently reminded people that this was something they “trained” for.

“This is the second time in a wrestling match that I’ve lost a tooth. I lost my front teeth a few years ago upon some impact on the ring maybe three, four years ago. I was in Las Vegas. Had to get those fixed at an emergency dentist at midnight. It was quite fun,” said Natalya.

“Do you know what’s funny? People were asking me, ‘Are you mad at Lacey?’ and the truth of the matter is, is no, because it’s wrestling.”

Natalya called Evans a “strong girl” and noted that she hadn’t noticed the injury until she got backstage.  

Natalya isn’t the only WWE superstar who recently suffered a dental injury on camera. During the  TakeOver:31 NXT Championship match, Kyle O’Reilly was spotted with a bloody mouth early in the match. Turned out he had cracked some teeth as well.