Natalya Talks Ronda Rousey Returning To WWE

Rousey has been on vacation since her loss at WrestleMania this year

Image via WWE

WWE Superstar Natalya believes that her friend Ronda Rousey will return to WWE as she misses it.

“Ronda I think misses it a lot,” Natalya told The New York Post. “I think that she definitely wants to come back, but I think that she’s so focused on having a family and that’s something. … When Ronda makes a promise to somebody, she stands by her word. And she really wants to have a family and she’s really focused on that with her husband Travis.”

While Rousey may be focused on other things right now, Natalya believes we will be seeing her in WWE again eventually as she has fallen in love with the company and has unfinished business in the ring.

“Think she’ll be back, but it’s all about timing and I just think her family is coming first right now and I think every woman can relate to that,” said Natalya.

Both in the ring and outside, Natalya was named a good friend and training partner of Rousey and she talked about helping Rousey adjust to the WWE.

According to Natalya, many of Rousey’s WWE matches were rehearsed before hand, but her match with Rousey during the December 24, 2018 episode of RAW was improvised. It was this match that convinced Natalya that Rousey was good at wrestling.

“I’m proud to say we called an 18-minute match in the ring with literally just our passion. And I don’t think Ronda even knew she could do that,” recalls Natalya.

“She and I literally walked through the curtain, met each other in the ring and we just went. We wrestled. We wrestled our hearts out, and by the end of it, both of us were covered in blood, sweat and tears. But that’s what this industry is all about, and Ronda showed me that night she belonged,” she said.