Natalya Teases Championship Match With Asuka, Ruby Riott Comments On Her Match With Ronda Rousey


Will Natalya Be The Woman To Challenge Asuka At WrestleMania?

The women on Monday Night Raw have been completely overlooked when it comes to WrestleMania, since Charlotte is the woman that Vince McMahon chose to take Becky Lynch’s place rather than any of the women on the RAW roster.

This obviously hasn’t sat too well with the women in the locker room, and one who has decided to voice her opinion is Natalya. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion sent out the following Tweet where she seemingly teased going after SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka instead.

There are no rules preventing Natalya from moving back over to SmackDown Live if she was hoping to challenge Asuka, who has seemingly been forgotten since the Women’s Tag Team Champions have become the main focus of the show.

Ruby Riott Vows To See Charlotte At WrestleMania

Ruby Riott has become one of the smartest women on RAW. She has two other women who are willing to back her into any fight and more often than not she is willing to hide behind them.

Two weeks ago on RAW, Riott backed down from Ronda Rousey’s challenge, which has now led to her being granted a Women’s Championship match against the former UFC Champion at Elimination Chamber.

Riott’s shot has been seen as a way to kill time for Rousey on the Road To WrestleMania, but the former NXT star has recently stated that even though the announcement for her match was understated, she will be walking out of Elimination Chamber and into WrestleMania with that Championship.

Riott could have Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan at ringside on Sunday night to help even the odds, but even so it’s still considered to be a huge task for her to overcome the undefeated Women’s Champion.