Neville Has Been Spotted And He’s Reportedly Changed His Look

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Neville is a former Cruiserweight Champion but he opted to walk away from WWE back in October 2017 with reports suggesting that he was unhappy with his position in the company.

Neville was one of the talents that many fans saw as the future when he was in NXT and as a former NXT Champion, big things were expected of him.

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The British star proved that he was able to step in the ring with some of the best stars in the company when he almost defeated Seth Rollins in a World Championship open challenge, but WWE was still not prepared to give him a chance at the main event level.

After Neville was defeated by Enzo Amore for his Championship in the fall of last year, Neville seemingly took his ball and went home. Over the past few months, WWE has tried to hold talks with the star over his future with the company and has reportedly now frozen his contract until he makes his return.

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This is looking less and less likely as time goes by since Neville has moved back to the United Kingdom and has seemingly been avoiding WWE’s calls. Despite making the decision to avoid communication with WWE, Neville has definitely still been in the gym over the past few months since it was recently reported by Reddit user Ooooglies that he was spotted in Newcastle looking very different.

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“At the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. Dude looks jacked. I was tempted to go say hi, but it looked like he was with his mum,” he said via RingsideNews.

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There has been speculation that Neville could be looking to wrestle outside of the company in the coming months and this update proves that the British star could be looking to do so in the near future.