New Betting Favorite Emerges For WrestleMania 35

Ever since Roman Reigns departed from WWE and relinquished the Universal Championship, the WWE Universe has been speculating about who will take that coveted WrestleMania main event spot next year, that has been held by Reigns for four years.

The original speculation stated that the women could finally be given the nod at the biggest event of the year, but now that the match that was supposed to take place at WrestleMania has been handed to the WWE Universe this weekend, it’s hard to imagine that the women will be given the slot now, unless Ronda Rousey’s feud with Becky Lynch is able to last until next April because the WWE Universe would be completely behind it.

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According to SkyBet, there is a new front-runner when it comes to the main event of WrestleMania and it seems that Brock Lesnar vs The Rock could be the match that the company chooses to headline the biggest event of the year.

The fact that this has become the favorite right now means that it could be a hint that The Rock could be open to a WWE return in the coming months since he still remains the favorite to win next year’s Royal Rumble which would then mean that he would go on to headline WrestleMania and choose to face The Universal Champion.

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These two stars collided back at SummerSlam in 2002, but have never been given the chance to main event WrestleMania, which could be why the company is pushing this forward now and are hoping that The Rock will still be open to wrestling another match for WWE in the absence of Roman Reigns, since the original plan was for Reigns to wrestle The Rock next year.