New Randy Savage DVD Has Over 40 Unreleased Matches

We have talked about this DVD before, but Wrestling DVD Network has just released the full match listing for the new Randy Savage Unreleased set which is scheduled to be released during May, so far only the UK has the set up for pre order.

With over 40 matches, this is one fantastic set, not only that there is going to be some discussion in between the matches as well. So what are some of the highlights of this set?

Well, there are a lot of great and interesting matches, but a few of the highlights include an Intercontinental Championship rematch from an international tour that sees him square off against Ricky Steamboat.

One other match that is interesting is from 1989 where Macho Man takes on The Ultimate Warrior. What is cool about this match is that these guys had a feud when he was known as The Macho King, so this random match took place over a year before that!

There are also some very interesting tag team matches from his 1992 run after he was reinstated such as a Macho Man and Hulk Hogan vs Jake Roberts and The Berzerker and Macho Man and The Undertaker vs Ric Flair and The Berzerker…. That is a lot of love for The Berzerker right there, Huss, Huss! During this time period, they also have a match with him against Razor Ramon from very early in Razor Ramon’s WWE run.

Also included is a nice selection of matches from his time in WCW including one from WCW Saturday Night where he goes up against Steve Austin.

Out of all the WWE DVD and Blu Ray releases scheduled for 2018, Randy Savage Unreleased looks to be one of the most interesting.