New Rule By The Orange County Mayor Will Force WWE Employees and Fans to Use Face Mask on Shows

After going several weeks, including WrestleMania 36, without no fans in attendance, WWE brought back a set of individuals in the audience to fill in for the actual audience.

This group included the current group of trainees at WWE Performance Center, along with some of the NXT talent.

WWE also included some local fans for the latest RAW taping, but none of them were sporting face masks in spite of the COVID-19 outbreak. It was reported recently that WWE is asking the members of the audience to not cover their faces.

However, a new order issued by the Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings might force WWE to allow the use of masks. The order states that ‘every person in the country’ must be wearing masks.

Florida had a relatively low count of cases but a recent surge has seen this decision come into force. WWE themselves found a COVID positive employee last week, which forced the tapings to be delayed.

The Orlando International Airport, which is generally used by WWE stars to travel for the tapings, saw 260 of its 500 employees test positive for the novel coronavirus, which is an alarming number.

WWE was deemed an ‘essential service’ in the state of Flordia which allowed them to continue their tapings despite the outbreak, but this new surge in the cases coupled with the employee testing positive will surely force them to change the way things work.