New Stages For RAW and SmackDown, Hacksaw Jim Duggan Hospitalized, Vickie Guerrero Shares News Of Death In The Family


According to a report from WrestlingVotes, after the upcoming episodes of RAW and SmackDown, the design of the stages on both shows will be changed.

SmackDown is heading for it’s new home on FOX, with the first episode on the new network to be aired on October 4. Meanwhile, RAW’s September 30 episode is being advertised as a “season premiere.”

In line with the “new life” the shows are expected to have, a new look for the stages is being reported. Both will have an “updated, fresh feeling set.”

No word yet on what the new look will be but it’s something else that viewers have to look forward to as the WWE main roster shows go into the future.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan Reportedly Brought To Hospital

Hacksaw Jim Duggan was reportedly hospitalized today, according to PWInsider.

The Hall of Famer was brought to the hospital with undisclosed medical issues and has had to pull out of some scheduled appearances this weekend.

Duggan has had a few health scares recently, getting sent to intensive care back in South Carolina in November of last year. He had been hospitalized for an irregular heartbeat. This March, he went in for a planned heart procedure to help fix the problems detected on November.

Duggan had previously spoken about his November health scare, saying that his heart was out of rhythm and that he had needed a procedure known as an ablation where they attempted to fix the irregularities.

Duggan has been in relatively good health since then, making several appearances during wrestling events, including during the latest WrestleMania weekend.

Vickie Guerrero Shares Some Sad News

Former WWE SmackDown general manager Vickie Guerrero shared some sad news today.

According to a Tweet, Guerrero’s father has just passed away. No cause of death was shared.

“My dad went to dance with angels this morning,” writes Guerrero. She goes on to describe her dad as someone with a big heart and the ability to love unconditionally.