Nia Jax Botched a Move on Raw Despite Warning From Kairi Sane, WWE Considered Maria Kanellis For Creative Team

This past week on Raw, WWE presented five women’s matches as the build-up to Money in the Bank continued. One of these matches was a re-match from the previous week’s Money in the Bank qualifying match between Kairi Sane and Nia Jax.

The former Raw Women’s Champion made light work of the former Women’s Tag Team Champion two weeks ago, but this week the stand out moment of the march was a botch from The Irresistible Force.

Sane was up in a position for a buckle bomb when she was dropped down to the bottom turnbuckle on the back of her head in a shocking spot from Jax which has since been panned by fans. Following the obvious botch, videos have been shared online which show that moments before the move Sane was heard uttering the words “I’m not set” which meant that she wasn’t prepared to take the move.

Jax has developed a reputation for being unsafe in the ring throughout her career, and this latest botch has given the WWE Universe another reason to pile on the negativity.

While the Raw Women’s Division continues to build towards Money in the Bank, one star who won’t be part of the show is Maria Kanellis, after she and her husband Mike were released from their contracts last week.

The Miracle recently spoke to Fightful where he revealed that WWE actually wanted Maria to return to the company to be part of the creative team where she could help the women in NXT since this was the aspect of the business she was interested in.

“We actually at one point were talking about Maria just back in a creative role, not even coming back as a wrestler or a manager or any kind of on-screen talent. Maybe coming back and doing stuff with the girls down in NXT or helping be on the writing team. Because that’s what she loves to do now. She just loves helping, using her mind to help other people succeed.”

Maria’s mind for the business has become well-known in recent years since Paul Heyman revealed publicly that he believed the former Diva Search contestant was one of the most underrated creative minds in the wrestling business back in 2018.