Nia Jax Enters Men’s Royal Rumble Match, Becky Lynch’s Wardrobe Malfunction, Ronda Rousey Teases 4 Horsewomen, Finn Bálor

Nia Jax Enters Men’s Royal Rumble Match

Nia Jax entered the Men’s Royal Rumble match at #30 by attacking R-Truth and taking his spot. The Facebreaker dominated the ring for a while before taking signature moves from Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton. She was eventually eliminated by Mysterio.

Jax officially joined the likes of Beth Phoenix and Chyna who had entered the men’s Royal Rumble bout in the past.

This could be WWE’s move to step-up it’s game in intergender wrestling given the Women’s Revolution is now stealing the show.

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Becky Lynch Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction

Becky Lynch suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the SmackDown Women’s Championship match against Asuka at Royal Rumble. Halfway through her defeat, Lynch flipped over, causing her nipple to be exposed. WWE was able to pull of a network blackout due to the 7-second delay time.

Later that night, The Man entered the Women’s Royal Rumble match by replacing Lana and punched her ticket to WrestleMania 35.

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Ronda Rousey Drops Major 4 Horsewomen Tease

Ronda Rousey retained the RAW Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks last night at Royal Rumble.

Post-match, Rousey dropped a huge 4 Horsewomen tease during a backstage interview.

“As a competitor, I have respect for her. I just think the 4 Horsewomen is the only real point of contention for me, you know? Me and my friends were the 4 Horsewomen before we came to WWE.”

“It wasn’t a gimmick or a marketing ploy because it was a gimmick or it made us more popular because we are aligned. It was like this is real, it’s personal. This is our lives and they’re taking something that’s near and dear to our hearts and just trying to package it and sell it to the masses. I mean they don’t even like each other.”

“I don’t know, it’s just something that is so personal and near and dear to me and my friends that if they held the 4’s up in the same regard that we do I would have respect for that, but for them this [4 fingers] is nothing but marketing.”

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Finn Bálor Comments On Difference Between Main Roster And NXT

Ahead of Sunday’s Royal Rumble, Finn Bálor appeared on E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness and highlighted the major difference between WWE’s main roster and NXT.

“It’s totally different. The whole idea of NXT is to prepare you for WWE and it did in a lot of ways, but there’s nothing that’s gonna prepare you for live Monday Night RAW when you’re used to 2,000 people in Pittsburgh at a house show. Obviously, we learned a lot on the TV tapings, but we only did those once a month and if you’re only working one match on the three-episode taping, you’re not getting that many reps that often. For me, it was a huge jump moving to RAW.”