Nikki Bella Lashes Out On Fans For Not Appreciating Her Enough

The Fearless One ranked No. 1 in the PWI Female 50 in 2015

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2-time Divas Champion Nikki Bella hung up her boots last month due to a herniated disc and cyst on the brain. She was once the face of the Women’s Division in WWE and is still hailed as the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time.

In her 13-year-long career, Nikki had suffered enough damage but it seems that she never got the appreciation that she deserved. While her last stint with WWE saw her and Brie play the top heels together, most fans were quite frustrated with their surprise return (at SummerSlam) in the first place.

On The Bellas Podcast, Nikki talked about her early retirement while stating the lack of respect she has received from fans and how underappreciated she is despite risking her life for them.

“I love wrestling. I gave thirteen years of my life. I beat my body up, I mean it was my world. And it’s so sad sometimes when I see the lack of respect or not the appreciation and you know how badly I wish I could go out there and wrestle again and do it for the fans and do it for us? Like, I’ve risked my life.”

Nikki and Brie’s dreams of becoming Women’s Tag Team Champions are over but the WWE Universe doesn’t seem to acknowledge all The Bella Twins have done for the business.

“I will never get — you know what? I’m a human being and sometimes we like to be acknowledged or appreciated. The fact that I gave so much and I will never get to stand in that ring and have the ‘Thank You Nikki’ chant or even give my last final words. I found out days before WrestleMania and I’m done — that’s it.”

“Then people blame me like ‘Oh look at her do all those things, she doesn’t care’ — I do care, but my life has to go on. I have to go look at all those open doors and run right through them like Wonder Woman and take them on and I pray one day, Brie that we will be appreciated by that crowd.”

Nikki and her twin sister Brie are both retired from WWE but that hasn’t stopped them from actively pursuing other endeavors.