Nikki Bella Reveals WWE and John Cena Had Exercised Editorial Rights To Her New Book “Incomparable”

WWE Hall Of Famers Nikki and Brie Bella released their new book “Incomparable” earlier this month and there’s been a huge buzz in the IWC. While the book itself is very candid and open, it doesn’t quite include certain stuff for obvious reasons.

During a recent interview with Sunday Night’s Main Event, Nikki revealed how John Cena and WWE had exercised editorial rights to Incomparable. This caused certain portions to be edited out because neither Cena nor WWE wanted anybody to have a deeper look into The Champ’s relationship with The Fearless One.

“It definitely… writing it, that stuff did cross my mind, it did. And there was never anything bad I wanted to say about John. John and I had a beautiful relationship. Did we have struggles? Yes. Will anyone ever know about them? No. [inaudible] Overall we did have such a beautiful relationship.”

WWE also made Nikki exclude certain stories from her book. While she did want to discuss her shock breakup with Cena, she couldn’t do so because The Champ and WWE both believed that some things are best left unsaid.

“I just wish I was able to talk more about why I ended up where I ended up. I still feel like people always will wonder that, and I think it’s just because we put our relationship out there on reality TV for 5 or 6 years. So, I wanted to tell that story, but… yeah, so…”

The fact that Nikki still has a lot more to say opens up the possibility for a sequel. WWE has managed to keep certain things under the blanket for now, but it remains to be seen for how long that stuff remains a secret.

Incomparable has garnered top-notch reviews across several platforms. Let’s see if The Twins are ready to pen an exciting Volume 2!