Nikki Bella Wants to Join the WWE Creative Team

Nikki Bella has been out of the ring now for several years but has hinted that she could be looking to make her return alongside her sister to pick up the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

The WWE Hall Of Famer and former Divas Champion gave birth to her first child last year, but could now be looking to return to WWE in a new role.

Nikki and her sister Brie were recently guests on Ashley Graham’s Pretty Big Deal Podcast, where the idea of Nikki being part of WWE’s creative team came up.

“I mean, I would love — there’s times that — because Brie’s husband [Daniel Bryan] is a part of the creative team and works a lot with Vince McMahon on creative stuff and I’ve always thought in the back of my head like, ‘I would really like to do that for the women’ because I’ve lived it as a WWE superstar but also, I’m a fan. So it’s like, I feel like I know what the people want and then I know how to get the best out of each woman because I know them. So, it would be a lot of fun to be on creative.”

Daniel Bryan currently works behind the scenes on SmackDown where he is also still an active performer.