Nikki Bella’s Wedding Date Set for Thanksgiving 2021

The wedding of Nikki Bella and Artem Chigventsev has officially been set for the 2021 Thanksgiving weekend.

Nikki announced the wedding date during the end of the Total Bellas Season 6 finale. The couple met when on “Dancing with the Stars” and already have one child together, Matteo, who was born this summer.

The season 6 finale showed Nikki dealing with postpartum depression and talking about how hard it was to basically be on her own as Artem needed to be away to work on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Nikki’s sister Brie took it upon herself to tell Artem how depressed she was which infuriated Nikki. Artem ended up offering to quit his job to be with Nikki and Mateo, but Nikki said she didn’t really want that.

She also talked about how hard it was to have postpartum depression which was “hard for men to truly understand.”

“Our body goes through so many changes inside and out and the battle we face mentally as moms,” said Nikki.

The couple ended up having a serious conversation where they both came to the conclusion that they were happy together and would just need to make some adjustments and would go to therapy.