Nikki Cross And Killian Dain Are WWE’s Newest Couple

Nikki Cross has had a whirlwind few weeks after making her debut on Monday Night Raw this past week and then announcing that she and long time Sanity team mate Killian Dain are now married.

The couple has reportedly been together for more than ten years and updated cute Social Media messages last night to confirm that they were now officially an item.

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There has been some debate online as to whether or not Cross and Dain are now married but the official article stated that the couple were now married after being together for more than a decade.

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There has also been some debate over the years as to whether or not the couple were together, but now the two stars themselves have confirmed it after more than a decade of dating with some interesting throwback posts.

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Cross was originally trained by Dain as the couple began their wrestling careers in the same area before making it all the way to WWE together and interestingly being partnered up as two of the four original members of Sanity.

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The group was interestingly promoted to SmackDown Live without Cross last year, but The Twisted Sister made her main roster debut on SmackDown Live back in November when she stepped up to challenge Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in an unsuccessful attempt to push herself into title contention.

Cross has since made a number of appearances on the main roster after being named as one of the six NXT stars ready to take over in “The New Era” and now it seems that she will be hoping that SmackDown Live will be her new home so that she can continue to work and travel alongside her husband.