NJPW Almost Confirms TV Deal to Broadcast in the USA and UK

On Sunday, Dave Meltzer said that NJPW is “very close” to a deal with an English-language television deal.

At Wrestle Kingdom 15, NJPW showed a commercial and said that it will soon announce a deal with an American television channel.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about why AXS TV didn’t renew their deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Meltzer said that when Anthem Sports and Entertainment purchased Impact Wrestling, they proposed NJPW a deal that was turned down.

“What ended up happening was that Impact and AXS basically said that you can stay on the station if we get a working relationship going and New Japan turned down the working relationship,” said Dave Meltzer on the show.

A few months ago, NJPW created a USA subsidiary, NJPW America. As of now, nobody knows which channel will get the broadcast rights of NJPW. Many fans expect it to be either Vice or ESPN.