NJPW Superstar Wants To Challenge For AEW World Championship


One of the greatest superstars in the history of Japanese wrestling, Hiroshi Tanahashi, teased a possible collaboration between NJPW and All Elite Wrestling earlier today. Tanahashi, who has stayed on top of NJPW for more than a decade now, is set to face AEW’s top champion, Chris Jericho, at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom in a few days’ time.

Jericho and Tanahashi will battle on the second night of the event, which will be Jericho’s third appearance on the biggest wrestling show of the year in Japan. Tanahashi spoke with Tokyo Sports and said he wishes to open the forbidden door (referring to AEW) and challenge for Jericho’s AEW World Championship.

“Isn’t it the champion over there? If I win and say the other is” one more time, “then you can say” get a belt “. Then the forbidden door will open.”

Tanahashi is a record eight-time NJPW Heavyweight Champion and has also won several other titles during his long stay with the company. Tanahashi’s presence in NJPW is often compared to John Cena in WWE, as both have stayed as the faces of their respective companies for a great amount of time.

It was rumored a few months ago that NJPW and AEW will not be collaborating in the near future, which ruled out any switch over of talents between the two companies. Jericho has a separate deal with the Japanese promotion, which allows ‘Le Champion’ to work the iconic Wrestle Kingdom show next month.

Superstars like Will Ospreay, Kazuchika Okada, etc. will be able to work with AEW in the future, if any partnership takes place between the two companies. Okada has had iconic battles with current AEW star Kenny Omega in the past, and the wrestling fanbase will be itching to see the two battle it out in AEW.

Tanahashi competing for the AEW World Championship will be a major moment, and both the companies will try their best to open the proverbial door.