WWE Raw: No Holds Barred Match Announced For WWE Championship At Survivor Series

Brock Lesnar defends the WWE Championship this weekend against one of his most formidable opponents in Rey Mysterio. Last time The Beast was seen on WWE TV he was attacked with a steel pipe by The Master of the 619 on Raw and speculation has since suggested that he may not be at one hundred percent on Sunday night.

Heyman took advantage of these reports this week on Raw when he seemed to take an all or nothing approach and announced that the match will now be a No Holds Barred scenario between the two men.

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Historically, Lesnar has struggled to defeat smaller stars as seen in recent years against AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan, which could be a huge mistake on Heyman’s behalf.

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Mysterio’s son Dominik is also waiting in the wings for a chance to exact some revenge for the beatdown that he was part of a few months ago. So the added stipulation could be in favor of this and could allow Dominik to make his return to WWE after weeks on the sidelines following that Lesnar beatdown.

This storyline has been going on for months now and has already seen Lesnar brush aside his longtime rival Cain Velasquez in his quest to prove he’s the best in WWE, but it’s thought that this feud could lead all the way to next year’s WrestleMania, which means that the finish to the match this weekend could be anything but clean.

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Mysterio commented on the match moments after it was announced on Raw and it appears that he is ready for a fight and is making sure he takes his steel pipe with him to Chicago this weekend. This could be a very physical match up as Mysterio looks for some retribution and Lesnar looks for some revenge.