“No Legal Basis To Fire Me”: Samoa Joe

On the last episode of WWE SmackDown Live, General Manager Paige said that Samoa Joe’s brazen invasion of AJ Styles’ home was trespassing and a crime and she wanted to fire him for it.

Trespassing charges had allegedly been filed against Samoa Joe and the WWE Management had come to the unanimous decision that what Joe did was grounds for him being fired.

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The firing was said to have only been averted because Paige called current WWE Champion AJ Styles to give her sympathies to him and his family, he then told her the charges against Joe had been dropped. He also asked the SmackDown General Manager not to fire Joe.

The reason? Styles wanted to settle the matter once and for all by beating Joe during their match in WWE Super Show-Down. To that extent, Styles did not show up on last night’s raw as he was camped in the family home and intended to stay there till he knew that Joe was on the way to Australia for their match.

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Sounds pretty serious, however, Samoa Joe isn’t sweating over a possible firing from the WWE.  According to Joe, WWE and Paige have no legal basis to fire him.

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After doing some legal research on the current laws in the state of Georgia, where the Styles’ family home is located, it turns out that Joe might not have committed a crime after all.

Turns out, to have committed the offense of criminal trespass in Georgia, you need to have damaged property or entered for an unlawful purpose. Well, all Joe wanted to do was say “Hi” and give a doll.

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Check out the entire extent of Samoa Joe’s legal research in his Tweet below, make sure to click the link: