Noam Dar Talks WrestleMania In The UK, Drew McIntyre, And His Injury Status

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The Scottish Supernova Noam Dar is sitting out WrestleMania 35 with an injury, but he is still doing his part to promote the show.

In an interview with The Scottish Sun, Dar spoke about his belief that the United Kingdom will host a WrestleMania soon.

“As the company continues its international expansion, I’d imagine they’ll look for somewhere overseas to do it,” stated Dar.

He also spoke about the career of another fellow Scotsman, Drew McIntyre. McIntyre is set to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.

“Drew is flying the flag for Scotland very well. The run he’s having right now is amazing and is what we all expected him to become,” said Dar.

Dar, who competes on 205 Live and NXT UK, suffered a knee injury during an NXT UK taping last February. He revealed some of the details of the injury in an Instagram post during the start of April.

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**UPDATE** – the MRI scan results left Doctor & the full medical staff in complete shock & disbelief that the knee injury I sustained did not result in complete explosion of the entire knee, the tendons, the ligaments & all the other wee bits & bobs in yer leg that you really need like the bones & that which would have required immediate removal of the entire leg (correct like a pirate). With drastic & immediate effect world class doctors from every continent were assigned to further diagnosis but unfortunately failed to reach a valid scientific & physiological explanation as to how the patient in question (SPRNVA11) was left with only a simple sprain & a wee bone bruise. With their combined 100+ years of medical experience, fancy Harvard degrees, big important white coats & mad daft specs not a single one of them brainboxes could come to the conclusion or even fathom that the patient in question (SPRNVA11) suffers from a rare genetic disease named “HarderThanYerDad-itus” which only effects 11/11 wee spicy legends named Noam. As I explained to the docs, In laymen’s terms – “HarderThanYerDad-itus” simply means that I’m absolutely & unequivocally harder than every single one of them & their dads. Furthermore, I notified them that I’m pure solid like 5 at the back & could batter them all easy peasy. HarderThanYerDaditus is helping me fly through a very short rehab protocol & I’ll be seeing all you daftys very very soon. Cheers x

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