NXT Heads Were Unaware Of Angel Garza’s Surprise This Week

Image via WWE

NXT kicked off with a major title change this week when Angel Garza took down Lio Rush for the Cruiserweight Championship. Garza finally overcame the Man of the Hour, after battling it out in vain for the past few weeks.

Post-match, Garza gave a shoutout to his family and brought his girlfriend to the ring. He went on to take out a ring, and proposed to her, which she gladly accepted. The moment was not televised and took place during a commercial break, but WWE acknowledged it later on.

Garza spoke about the epic moment and said no one backstage was aware of his proposal. After his win, he put on his jacket and proposed to her in the middle of the ring.

“I’m just like, ‘grab my jacket, grab my shorts, let me do this.’ ‘What are you gonna do?’ ‘Just wait for me, put a microphone right there and let me do.’ My coaches, bosses, were like, ‘what are you gonna do?’ — It’s a surprise.”

“I knew [his girlfriend] was coming so I told my mom, ‘what do you think if we go to the event?’ I told my brother I was coming, but he didn’t know mom was going to come. We decided not to tell him until the end.”

Angel Garza is a third-generation superstar, who made his debut in NXT a few months ago during the NXT Breakout Tournament. Garza’s win was his first title win in the company, and the highly charismatic superstar made it even more special when he popped the question.

Garza’s cousin Humberto Carrillo is currently on the main roster, and both the primos are looking to make a mark in WWE by cementing themselves as the next big thing from across the border.

Garza’s insanely charismatic personality coupled with his fantastic in-ring ability will surely put him in a prime position to become the next Latino Heat.