NXT’s Jordan Myles Calls Out WWE For Offensive T-Shirt Design

Image via WWE

NXT star Jordan Myles has taken to Twitter to call out WWE’s racial insensitivity.

Myles is calling out both Vince McMahon and Triple H for allowing a t-shirt design that is highly offensive to African Americans.

Myles,  who’s gimmick is mostly being happy and smiling, is talking about merchandise rolled out for him with a design that was “too close to blackface”.

“If this is @VinceMcMahon & @TripleH ‘vision’ of me then this is a slap in the face to EVERY African American performer, fan, and supporter,” wrote Myles.

According to Myles, he had initially been told that the design would resemble the logo of the band The Rolling Stones. The ‘Stones logo is a red, white, and black mouth showing a tongue sticking out.

While that might have been what was explained to him, the actual design more resembles blackface which is an insulting caricature of Africans.

“THEY don’t see the disrespect in producing a design that screams racism against African Americans. THEY have been blinded for years and THEY NEED A REPROGRAMMING BECAUSE THEY ARE IGNORANT!” continues Myles.

While the offending shirt has been taken down and replaced with another design as of last month, according to Myles, it’s still offensive that the first shirt was even allowed to exist.

“Does it matter if the shirt was replaced? The FACT that they even made the first one overshadows anything till WE get what we deserve,” said Myles.

Myles signed with NXT last January. He was known as ACH in the independent scene and has wrestled with Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, among others.  He won the NXT Breakout Tournament in June to win a future title shot. He chose to challenge Adam Cole for the NXT Champion but lost the match which took place in September.