NXT Talent Reveals That WWE Filmed Two Endings For Adam Cole vs Keith Lee

After Saurav Gurjar accidentally revealed the finish to Adam Cole vs Keith Lee’s Winner-Take-All match for next week, WWE may be planning to do some damage control.

WWE Developmental Talent, E.J Nduka, revealed that WWE actually filmed two endings to the much-awaited matchup. Nduka added that WWE isn’t a ‘sloppy shop’, referencing to Taz’s comment at AEW Fyter Fest this week.

Although Taz’s comments weren’t directed at the leaked story, Nduka, who signed with WWE in August last year, seemed to be adamant that WWE is tricking with the fans. Taz apparently took a shot at WWE’s recent outbreak of COVID-19 at the Performance Center, in his promo this week.

Nduka’s comment could be merely a sign of the roster trying to do damage control, as reports have already surfaced of WWE being highly disappointed after the leaked image was circulated all over the Internet.

Adam Cole even revealed on his Twitch that plans have come up for next week, which could be a sign of WWE re-filming the match due to the leaks.

With the AEW-WWE rating war going at a higher level nowadays, WWE could have filmed two different endings and ‘accidentally’ dropped the spoiler to ensure more people tune in to watch the major matchup.