NXT Talents Fill in as Live Crowd at WWE Taping, Update On Plexiglass Barrier

The coronavirus pandemic has forced WWE to produce shows in an empty Performance Center and Full Sail University. The resulting audience-less shows have turned out to be abysmal and lackluster, but WWE plans to turn things around by having NXT Superstars represent live fans in the arena.

This week on RAW, NXT talents filled in as live fans and attempted to bring back the usual flavor to the show. Unlike AEW, WWE has waited long enough to decide whether it’s a good idea to have NXT talents represent live audience.

WrestlingNews.co reports that Vince McMahon was too skeptical to pull the trigger early on, which explains why it took him so long to approve the idea of talents filling in as fans. The Chairman was far too concerned about public perception especially at a time when social distancing is the new normal.

“The reason why WWE waited so long to make the decision was that Vince McMahon felt it was a bad look on the company to have so many people seated in the Performance Center during a time when social distancing is being pushed by the health experts.”

PWInsider reports that McMahon didn’t want his shows to give off an “indie” vibe. It is to be noted that WWE positioned the crew/talents in such a way that everyone remained separate while filling up the floor.

“One person described it as it ‘looking too indie’ to me like it would just look like there are people milling about and it wouldn’t look like the sleek presentation that WWE prefers to have.”

WWE also built a large glass Plexiglass barrier around the barricade, similar to that of a hockey game.

On PWInsider Elite Audio, Mike Johnson reported that the plexiglass barrier is to stay and will potentially become the norm when the company begins touring again.

“We are told that this could become the norm going forward if and when WWE decides to hold events in traditional buildings again.”