NXT UK Champion Walter Wants A Match With The Big Show

Does The Ring General really chop harder than The World’s Largest Athlete?

Image via WWE

Reigning NXT UK Champion Walter has made a name for himself not only with his big size and aggressive persona but also due to his sheer ability to land ruthless, nerve-wracking chops on his opponents.

In the current pro wrestling industry, Walter is arguably the only wrestler who can deliver such noisy trademark chops, similar to the ones that The Big Show uses to hit his opponents with.

During a recent interview with SPORTbible, Walter opened up on who he thinks can deliver the hardest chops in the business.

“Yeah. Me, of course.”

“[Kenta] Kobashi always did too many of his, Ric Flair‘s are definitely not effective and they’re more for a crowd reaction. 

“Yeah, maybe Big Show. He’s twice my size, but I think it’s me [laughs].”

In recent years, Big Show has transitioned into a part-time Superstar in WWE.

In 2018, Show was part of the SmackDown Tag Team Championship storyline featuring The Bar and The New Day but was written off due to him suffering a hamstring injury.

“I like to think of what I do in the ring [is] what is most efficient and what makes [the] most sense for me, and I’ve got big limbs so I thought I’d use them. So that’s the simple answer to that [laughs].”

On being asked about a potential dream match with The World’s Largest Athlete, The Ring General didn’t waste a second to give a big thumbs up.

“Oh, for sure. Yeah, definitely.”

A potential feud between Big Show and Walter sounds like the perfect heavyweight booking, but WWE will have to do a lot of groundwork to set it up.

At this point, Show is yet to wrestle his first match in 2019 while Walter has just had successful retention of his title against Tyler Bate at NXT TakeOver: Cardiff.