Oney Lorcan Signs New Multi-Year Contract With WWE

205 Live and NXT’s Oney Lorcan has signed a new deal with the WWE. Lorcan announced he had signed a multi-year contract with the WWE on his Twitter.

While this is good news for fans of Lorcan, it is a little surprising as there have been signs that Lorcan is not happy with the company.

As Paul Davis of Wrestling pointed out, there was news that Lorcan had actually asked for his release in September. Lorcan was also extremely critical of comments that Triple H had made during a TakeOver media call where the COO of WWE criticized talent going on social media to talk about wanting to be released.

According to Triple H, talking about release requests and other issues in social media is not very professional. Lorcan released a Tweet soon afterwards where he seemed to be referring to the comments by Triple H.

Lorcan seems to believe that Triple H answering the question was also unprofessional and a way of “burying talent publicly to the media.”

“The mature professional thing to say would be no comment and have a private conversation promoter to independent contractor instead of burying talent publicly to the media,” Lorcan tweeted (sic minus the CAPS). “Thats how I do business its all about the game and how you play it.”

Aside from this, and the rumors that he had asked for his release, Lorcan changed his Twitter handle to Biff Busick. This is the name he used before he was signed with the WWE.

Lorcan originally signed with the WWE back in 2015. He originally performed in NXT and NXT UK but in March of this year, he began performing in 205 Live. Currently, Lorcan is supposed to be part of 205 Live but is still part of NXT.

Lorcan trained with Lance Storm at the Storm Wrestling Academy and before going to the WWE, was part of Combat Zone Wrestling, Evolve, and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.