Orange Cassidy Could Be AEW’s New Big Ratings Draw, Update On Live Events

AEW boasts of a well-decked roster but not everyone has been able to put himself/herself over just yet. Recently, the company has received criticism for using mainstream wrestlers as enhancement talents while pushing former WWE Superstars to the top.

Despite all the creative matters going on backstage, one particular name has managed to shine through with his unique gimmick and is already en route to becoming a huge draw in the days to come.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed Dynamite’s ratings in the on-going Wednesday Night Wars. Orange Cassidy is gradually cementing his status as a top ratings draw despite not wrestling on the show.

“As far as what it is, that streak is still going — whatever it is. I know people that I know when it comes to this the one person that people say is Orange Cassidy. It’s like if you’re a non-hardcore wrestling fan and you watch the show there’s something about Orange Cassidy that’s really appealing. They just think he’s hilarious.”

While fans were skeptical about the Freshly Squeezed character in the beginning, it appears that Cassidy is now the most popular and entertaining star on the roster. His segments fetch higher spikes in viewership than other portions of Dynamite.

While Brodie Lee is another name that’s garnering significant numbers with his Exalted One gimmick, it is to be noted that all that success comes from him parodying Vince McMahon on television.

On the other hand, AEW is yet to bring fans back to their live tapings. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is opening the State back up and there’s a plan to allow 25% capacity of venues for sporting events. However, it will take time before the idea comes to fruition.

According to Bodyslam, AEW still hasn’t made any type of internal announcement about allowing fans back to their events.

“I was told by multiple sources that they have yet to hear anything about plans for performing in front of a live audience as of Sunday night.”