Original Plan For Becky Lynch And Ronda Rousey Revealed?

Becky Lynch
Image via Youtube.com

Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch were given a huge push when they were handed the main event slot on Monday Night Raw this week before Lynch suffered an injury and the match was then pulled from the show.

The original plan was for the women to main event Survivor Series, which is a huge honor that is usually saved for the traditional elimination match. Since there were rumors that Lynch could go over, it would have been an interesting conclusion to the show, but this has now obviously been changed.

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Reports this morning suggest that WWE will be pushing the match between the two women over the next few months and it could then lead to the WrestleMania main event instead. Lynch and Rousey were both fully prepared for their match this weekend and right now Lynch is the hottest female wrestler in the company, so WWE needs to equalize on this.

According to The Wrestling Observer, the two women met with Vince McMahon following Raw and made the plan to push the match forward into next year.

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This explains why Lynch and Rousey are still going full in on Social Media and seemingly building a future match even though their current one has been canceled.

There is reportedly heat on Nia Jax since it was her right hand that put Lynch down but WWE has made the best out of a bad situation and could now continue to build up a huge match for the biggest show of the year, so the women have gone from main eventing Survivor Series to potentially main eventing the biggest show in WWE’s calendar year, which is quite the consolation prize.