Original Smash Of Demolition Passes Away, Sin Cara Appears At AAA Show In Mexico

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Smash Of Demolition Tag Team Passes Away

Randy Colley, who performed in both the WWE and WCW, has passed away.

Colley, who was 69, mostly wrestled under the moniker Moondog Rex. He had originally played the part of Smash in WWE tag team Demolition before he was replaced by Barry Darsow. He was also part of a stable called The Desperados in WCW with Dutch Mantell and Black Bart.

Colley’s death was reported in a post by Memphis Wrestling:

Colley held a number of titles with several productions in his career. He became a WWE Tag Team champ, a two-time NWA Georgia Tag Team champ, a three-time USWA World Tag Team champ, and a Mid-South North American Heavyweight Champion.

Sin Cara Appears At AAA Show

Sin Cara, who was recently granted his release by the WWE, has debuted for the Mexican Promotion AAA.

According to Wrestling News.co, Sin Cara did a run-in during the Guerra de Titanes show. He saved Pagono from a multi-man beat down. What is interesting about this is, he was identified as “Sin Cara” in the show, a name that WWE owns the trademark.

According to the report by Paul Davis, the use of Sin Cara’s real name in the AAA broadcast could mean that the promotion doesn’t really care about possible trademark disputes with WWE.

Davis said that, while AAA might be able to get away with it while Sin Cara is working in Mexico, if Sin Cara hopes to work in the US again he will need to be careful as he could end up facing legal action for violating WWE’s trademark.

Given as Sin Cara is already appearing on another promotion, it seems to imply that he isn’t subject to the 90-day non-compete clause that released WWE talent is often subject to. There is precedent to this for talent that agrees not to go to US productions, such as the former Hideo Itami who went right back to competing as KENTA in Japan after he was released by the WWE.