Original WrestleMania Plans Revealed For Ronda Rousey

Image via Forbes.com

Ronda Rousey looks set to face off against Becky Lynch in the WrestleMania 35 main event, but even though the build to this match has been on-going over the past two months, The Wrestling Observer reports that this wasn’t the original plan.

Rousey was reportedly originally supposed to face off with her long time friend Natalya as part of WrestleMania, but this was an angle that the company decided to drop a few months ago, since Natalya’s proposed heel turn was scrapped back at SummerSlam when The Queen of Hart’s father Jim Neidhart passed away.

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Of course, plans have since changed once again over the past few months since Lynch was unable to participate in her scheduled match with Rousey at Survivor Series and the two women have been able to grip the WWE Universe with their on-going feud.

Despite not being given the chance to be part of this huge WrestleMania match, there were reportedly a number of backstage officials who were pushing for Nattie’s heel turn to still go ahead, but Vince McMahon refused to change his mind.

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Even though Natalya hasnt been given the chance to share the WrestleMania stage with her friend, she was given the chance to wrestle the former UFC Champion this past week on Raw, in a match that was reportedly completely called in the ring.

The two women proved that they have a lot of chemistry in the squared circle and if there comes a point where WWE is able to turn the former Women’s Champion heel, then there will always be a feud ready for her against Ronda Rousey, that will put plenty of bums in seats.