Otis Reveals Locker Room Reaction to Roman Reigns’ Absence

Current Mr. Money In The Bank, Otis, recently gave an interview to SportsKeeda where he talked about how the locker room is dealing with the absence of Roman Reigns.

Reigns, who many have said, is a current locker room leader, has not been seen in the WWE for a couple of months now. He has taken the option to go on hiatus while the COVID-19 pandemic is going on.

According to Otis, Reigns is “beloved by everybody” and sorely missed backstage and in the locker room.

“For a guy who’s at the top of his game, he has continued to be loved by everybody. We surely miss him and there’s a lot of backstage laughs that we probably miss without him,” said Otis.

According to Otis, he and the rest of the locker room would love to see Reigns return and he himself would have a special greeting for him.

“I’ll give him a nice big bear hug when I see him. Squeeze him. Not too hard, but to give him a little squeeze. He doesn’t like my bear hugs too much though,” he said.