Otis Reveals Story About Losing His Mind Over Trish Stratus and Getting Speared by Security Guard

Otis has raised his profile in WWE over the past few weeks since he has been embroiled in a feud with Dolph Ziggler and even managed to win the affections of Mandy Rose.

Of course, Otis had some help when it came to landing God’s Greatest Creation since the SmackDown Hacker released some interesting material, which has led to a much bigger storyline surrounding Fire & Desire.

WWE recently released the latest episode of WWE Ride Along which saw Mandy Rose and Otis traveling from show to show on the long and winding WWE road.

As part of the show, Otis was able to reveal an interesting story regarding his first meeting with Trish Stratus, which ended with him being speared by security.

“I was at a wrestling show as a kid. Trish is coming out, and she’s the Champion at the time, she’s the Women’s Champion. She’s out there, she’s got the belt on, pointing at everybody. and I thought she pointed at me. I lost my mind. I can’t control my emotions really well. I just sprinted down the stairs, and I’m about 5th grade, so I do look like an adult that was 200 lbs. So I’m going down the stairs and this security guard basically spears me right in the side. So, I went BAM! I landed on the edge of the stairs. The whole time, I’m on the ground like, ‘Trish, touch me!” via Sportskeeda.

Otis went on to state that he hasn’t been able to tell Trish Stratus the story despite crossing paths with the former seven-time Women’s Champion a number of times while working in WWE. Of course, Otis only has eyes for Mandy Rose at present but could be looking up the ladder at the Money in the Bank contract if he is able to qualify for the match this Friday night on SmackDown.