Paige Blames Fans For Holding Women Back, Lio Rush’s Backstage Reputation May Have Caused Lashley Turn

Image via WWE

Paige Blames Fans For Holding Women Back

2-time WWE Divas Champion Paige recently spoke with Gulf News to promote her new film “Fighting With My Family.”

During the interview, the former General Manager of SmackDown Live stated that it was the WWE Universe that held back the female Superstars and not the company itself.

“It was never WWE holding the women back. It was the fans not taking them seriously. They wanted to see more of the male characters many years ago. It was a male-dominated sport.”

“When I first started, there were only five women there. It was a struggle but WWE just believed in us. When I got into the ring, I wanted to prove to the fans that girls were capable of having good matches and sometimes, even better. That was kind of my mission from the get go. Now there’s obviously a revolution.”

Paige later took to Twitter to clarify her statement.

Lio Rush’s Backstage Reputation May Have Caused Lashley Turn

At Elimination Chamber, Bobby Lashley lost the WWE Universal Championship as Finn Balor pinned Lio Rush to capture the title in the 2-on-1 Handicap Match.

Post-match, The Almighty attacked his hypeman, thus teasing the potential end of their alliance.

On PWInsider, Mike Johnson revealed that Rush’s habit of rubbing people in the wrong way backstage might have played a part in WWE’s decision to have Lashley turn on him.

“It appears Lio Rush is done with Bobby Lashley. I can tell you behind the scenes there were not a lot of people surprised at that and not a lot of people surprised that Lio took the pin. “

There are times Lio has a reputation for rubbing people, including other workers, the wrong way. Whether that was being held against him and that was part of the reasoning for him losing or whether it was just a decision to protect Lashley and shift the belt to Finn Balor, I guess we’ll have to see based on how Lio is presented in the weeks and months to come.”