Paige Continues Her Fight Against WWE, Refuses to Close Twitch Account

WWE’s Paige has continued to buck against the controversial WWE edict which is banning their talent from engaging on Cameo and Twitch.

While several WWE talents have already announced their “hopefully temporary” departure from Twitch, including AJ Styles, Mia Yim, Cesaro, Aleistar Black, and Zelina Vega”, Paige has continued to remain defiant, stating that she thought the WWE edict was wrong and unfair.

On her latest stream, on Halloween Day, Paige thanked her audience for their support and said again that she intends to stay on Twitch.

“I’m always one that speaks my mind. It’s kind of bittersweet because I can get in trouble for being honest and having an opinion,” said Paige.

“I like to stand up for what is right. For not just me, but for everybody,” said Paige, seemingly referring to her continued protests against the WWE controlling talent’s Twitch accounts.

“I did some stupid stuff oh, I went through a crazy stage in my life for a couple of years but how I came out of that, I feel like I did a good job and I want to continue trying to be a role model for people and show people that you can say and do whatever you want if it’s in the right way,” she added.