Paige Gets Physical At Recent Indy Event

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Paige is currently the General Manager of SmackDown Live, a job that she was given because of her recurring neck injury following this year’s WrestleMania.

Paige is a former Divas Champion and someone who was tipped to be the future of the Women’s Division before the injury and now she has been reduced to being a figurehead for the blue brand.

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There hasn’t been any talk about Paige making a return to the company in an active capacity, but at a recent Independent event, The British star was in attendance and got physical with Britt Baker following her match against Paige’s mother Saraya Knight.

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Saraya Knight faced Baker for the iPPV Women’s Championship this past weekend at Burning Bridges iPPV, and the British star became the first ever Women’s Champion for the promotion after her daughter Paige interfered in the match and slapped Baker whilst the referee was distracted.

Baker just happens to be the girlfriend of NXT superstar Adam Cole and has seemingly been on WWE’s radar for a while, even though she wasn’t featured as part of The Mae Young Classic over the past two years.

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There has been no talk of Baker being brought to WWE in recent months, but WWE has to have known that Paige was going to be part of this event and that she was going to appear for another promotion whilst she’s still contracted to the company.

Whilst this could easily just be a way for Saraya to get over as a heel Champion, it could also be a hint that Paige could return to the ring again in the future since this is the first time she has been able to be physical since her retirement earlier this year.