Paige Issues Statement After WWE Sends Notice to Takeover Twitch Accounts

As we earlier reported, WWE has told talents that they have to turn over their Twitch accounts. This is part of WWE’s efforts to control talents’ business dealings with third parties.

The move is thought to be controversial as many WWE talents have active Twitch accounts which they spent time building up.

One WWE talent who seems to be expressing dissatisfaction with the edict, without stating it explicitly, is Paige.

Paige took to Twitter today to say she’s proud of what she’s done by building up a fan base on Twitch.

“Twitch is MY place what I builT with my wonderful fans. A place where people can go and feel some positivity and a little bit or normalcy.”

While this newest statement may seem a bit “vague”, her previous statements on the issue were anything but.

Back when the edict was first reported, she made changes to her Twitch account, changing it to “SarayaOfficial” from “OfficialPaigeWWE” as it was believed then that the WWE wouldn’t go after accounts in the wrestlers’ real name.

“We are not going anywhere. Twitch is our house,” declared Paige then.

A former Democratic Presidential Nominee Tweeted out similar sentiments to Paige when he heard about WWE’s latest move to own Twitch accounts. He said that he would be “infuriated” if after he had spent time building up his social media channels they would be taken over by someone else.