Paige’s Jacket Confused For a Weapon By Airport Authorities, Drake Maverick Set To Be Rehired?

Paige is a former Divas Champion in WWE but hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since she set up the women’s match at WrestleMania a few weeks ago. While Paige isn’t currently traveling with the company, she is still able to tell some of the stories regarding her time on the road.

As part of a recent interview on A Little Late with Lilly Singh Paige told a humorous story regarding an altercation with airport security regarding her ring attire.

“Obviously, when you check your bags, I had my championship in it. But they were all focused on my jacket. I had a crap-ton of stones on it… Obviously there’s a lot of metal, the woman pulls it out and she’s just like, ‘What is this?’ I’m like it’s my jacket, and she’s like that’s a very spiky jacket are you going to use that as a weapon… You think I’m going to come on the plane and just start attacking people with my jacket? We literally had a crowd of people inspecting my jacket. I said I promise you I’m not using this as a weapon I actually wear this thing. In the end, they were like, ‘oh, it’s just a jacket, you can go through,’” via RingsideNews.

Drake Maverick was one of the stars who was released from WWE last week, but the former 205 Live General Manager is still able to compete in the current Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship tournament. While Maverick lost his match to Jake Atlas last night on NXT, it’s believed by The Wrestling Observer that he could go on to win the tournament and the Championship which could force WWE to re-hire him.

“The Drake Maverick stuff is really interesting. I mean that’s the most interesting stuff on the show. They’re playing it up really big that he’s been fired but he’s still in the tournament anyway and he’s doing these tearful things and he wrestled Jake Atlas and lost. No matter what they were going to do he was going to lose the first one. So now his back’s against the wall. He can still advance with the 2 in 1 record out of the block. If he loses the next match, I could not even comprehend how absolutely ridiculous this is, but if he wins the next two then it sort of makes sense,” via Sportskeeda.