Paige’s Mother Saraya Knight Quits The Wrestling Business Following #SpeakingOut

Over the past few days, Twitter has become an open forum for men and women to share their stories of abuse throughout their time in the wrestling business.

It has been an unwritten rule over the past few decades regarding power within the industry and many trainees believed that they were “paying their dues” while being abused.

Finally, #SpeakingOut has allowed many victims to share their stories and WWE, AEW, and Impact Wrestling have all listened and acted accordingly.

WWE has released Jack Gallagher while AEW has recently suspended Sammy Guevara while also sending Jimmy Havoc to rehab.

Impact Wrestling was then forced to step in when Joey Ryan was accused by 15 different victims.

Amongst the stars who have been accused of abuse is Saraya Knight, who is the mother of WWE star Paige and the owner of Norwich’s WAW Promotion.

Saraya Knight has been accused of abuse by a number of different women in recent days, which has led to the star who is known as Sweet Saraya quitting the business. Saraya released the following statement on Facebook before deleting all of her social media accounts.

“So for the past 3 days I have sat wondering what exactly it takes to satisfy this bloodthirsty hunt, in my life do you want me to die? You think that by pressing the buttons I’m going to lie down there and just leave myself.”

“First of all, I reject any statement about kissing a minor, that’s fucking sick, and if the Norfolk Police want to come talk to me about it, I’m glad to receive it. Where were the parents during this apparent act! 10 years alone in a show? I do not think so! I hope you have good lawyers. I will welcome ANY police investigation into this matter. I absolutely deny it!”

“Yasmin, we were talking until April of this year, why didn’t you say you came to my gym just before closing during training, you hugged me, you and Alice walked in front of 30 people! I do not get it!”

“Ayesha, we didn’t get along, we fought hard, you did your best, you didn’t back down, we argued as equals. As for me, you are entitled to any opinion you have of me, you were not a shrunken violet.”

“Alice, I’m amazed, I’ve always loved you. This has hurt a lot.”

“In fact, everyone who has written something, regardless of whether it is true or false, right or wrong, has had plenty of time to get close to me. Why wait all this time?”

“I will withdraw with immediate effect, I will delete all social networks, you can attack me through [email protected], I will be happy to send everyone’s point of view to my lawyer, I am sure you can see the business It will be in good hands. And for every ying there is a yang, I know this is going to be on the rise now, but okay, there are 2 sides to each story, remember that.”

“Thank you for 30 years, I’m done, I can’t believe that I’m being attacked in this crazy way, I’m walking away because I’m heartbroken, not because I’m being forced to do it.”

“I can’t bear even being around wrestling. I have everything to hide, I have done everything to guarantee this, I train hard! I have trained everywhere, I have made more money training than fighting, I am a bad teacher!”

“You girls can go, that’s no coincidence! I cannot accept this. And I will not do it. I am seeking legal advice. Any complaint now, please send it to the Norfolk Police!”