Paige Opens Up About SmackDown General Manager Role Taking Her Out Of Her “Comfort-Zone”

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Paige is a former NXT Women’s and Divas Champion but she was forced to walk away from in-ring competition earlier this year after she suffered a career-ending neck injury.

Much like Daniel Bryan before her, Paige went on to be handed the General Manager position on SmackDown Live following her retirement and has so far been a breath of fresh air on the Tuesday night show.

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Paige recently spoke to Jozef Raczka of Vulture Hound where she was able to talk about her current position in WWE and if it managed to fill the void of not being in the ring.

“I’m so proud of all the work I do and looking forward to everyone seeing the film but right now,” she said via PWMania, I am committed to being the best GM I can and it’s different because I’m not getting in the ring but I’m doing 4 or 5 promos a night sometimes and I’m mixing it up with the men and the women and I love getting to work with Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, R-Truth, Miz.”

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“It’s different because I’m not having to think about matches in the same way but I’m still there all the time which I love and it’s fun. It’s pushing me massively outside my comfort zone but I’m loving every single minute of it.”

“I have all this but also I’m back for this season of Total Divas which after missing last season I’m so excited to be back on it and I think people are going to see a different side of me this season. I do a lot more adulting than people are possibly used to (laughs).”

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Paige is a busy person outside of WWE since she’s also a cast member on Total Divas, she owns her own clothing store in Anaheim, California and recently released her own makeup line. It appears that the British star has been able to find her feet following her retirement.