Paige Promises To Address Samoa Joe’s Actions On Tonight’s SmackDown

Tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown is going to start with General Manager Paige addressing the actions of Samoa Joe in his escalating and extremely personal feud against current WWE Champion AJ Styles.

Last week, Samoa Joe shocked both the WWE Universe and Styles, by taking the appalling and audacious step of showing up at Styles’ family home.

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The feud between Styles and Samoa Joe has recently gone from a simple case of two competitors battling over one of the highest prizes in the business to something more complicated, as Samoa Joe has begun employing Styles’ family in some truly uncomfortable mind games against the current champion.

The two men are set to battle over the WWE Championship one more time during a match that is not only ‘no disqualification’ and ‘no count-out’ but is also ‘no rules’ during the upcoming WWE Super Show-Down show to be held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Saturday (October 6).

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The Super Show-Down match will be the third match that these two men have had for the WWE championship this year. They had previously clashed during WWE SummerSlam (August 19) and WWE Hell in a Cell (September 16). The Super Show-Down match is expected to be their final one for this feud as it has been announced that there “must be a winner” this time.

In a video embedded into a Tweet in her official Twitter, SmackDown General Manager Paige addressed the WWE Universe announcing her intent to start tonight’s show by commenting on Joe’s “home invasion” on Styles.

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Though the General Manager didn’t elaborate on her plans for Joe, she seems to imply that there will be some repercussions for Samoa Joe’s actions. Check out her Tweet below.