Paige Reacts To Triple H Making a Joke About Her Personal Life

Image via WWE

Paige‘s future has been a subject of speculation over the past few weeks, ever since the former Divas Champion stated on Social Media that her glory days were far from over. It is believed that WWE could be building towards a return for Paige at the upcoming Royal Rumble pay-per-view, something that Triple H seemed open to when he was interviewed ahead of NXT UK Takeover on Sunday evening.

What wasn’t spotted as part of this interview, was the fact that Triple H actually made a joke about Paige before he talked about whether a return for the former NXT star was feasible.

“When you’re talking about people as talented as Edge, Paige, who wouldn’t want them to return? I’m a fan just like everyone else and I would love to see them step into the ring and compete, more importantly than that though I would like to see them live long healthy lives, you know. Edge has kids, Paige, maybe, she probably has some she doesn’t know of.”

The video of the interview that was taken from Sportskeeda journalist Gary Cassidy then shows the reporters in the room with The Game laughing about the joke, which was then shared to Paige on Twitter. The former Divas Champion obviously wasn’t too happy about The Game making a joke about her extracurricular activities and gave the following heartbreaking response.

Paige has pushed for her place in WWE for most of her life and was forced to retire from the ring back in 2018 when it was made clear that her neck injury was too severe for her to continue to work at the level that she was on WWE’ s main roster. Paige has since been the General Manager of SmackDown, the manager of The Kabuki Warriors and now is being rumored to be able to return at the upcoming Women’s Royal Rumble.