Paige Responds To Criticism From Fan About The Way Women In WWE Are Forced To Dress

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The Women’s Revolution is in full swing as the women of WWE continue to fight for equality in a male-dominated sport. The recent Evolution pay-per-view has been hugely successful for the female division of the company but it appears that they will always have their critics.

Despite the fact that the women have been pushed to the forefront of the company in recent months Paige was forced to respond to a fan on Twitter earlier today when he decided to point out that WWE apparently makes the women dress like “whores.”

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This was something that Paige obviously didn’t take lightly and the General Manager of SmackDown Live pointed out that WWE doesn’t make the women dress any other way, except the way that they are comfortable.

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The former Divas Champion went on to state that the men in the company actually show off more skin than the women, so it appears that there is some kind of double standards when it comes to this particular fans opinion.

The women of WWE try to dress in a unique way so that the company can create merchandise and they can then continue to make money from their image. Of course, it doesn’t always work out this way since there are many female wrestlers who are unable to capitalize on their character and create merchandise that will then help them with their income.

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WWE has taken away all of the usual matches that the WWE Universe became accustomed to like the bra and panties and pillow fights to leave the Division at the same level as the men’s where they are now able to compete inside Hell in a Cell, in Last Woman Standing matches and even steal the show when they compete in Ironman matches.

This Women’s Division is completely different to the one that many fans grew up with and it appears that some fans are having issues adjusting.