Paige Returns To Total Divas

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Season 8 of Total Diva’s has returned to TV, and Paige’s return to the show is at the center of this episode’s drama.

The premiere episode of Season 8 sees Paige return as a central cast member of Total Divas. Looks like Paige’s retirement from wrestling and her taking up her current role as SmackDown General Manager will be central to this season’s narrative.

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The show opens during WrestleMania 34 week, and Paige is currently not on the card. To take her mind of her future, uncertain due to a nagging neck problem, Paige decides to fill her time with touristy activities. And she’s hoping to get in some quality bonding time with fellow cast member Nia Jax.

Unfortunately, Jax has her hands and head full with thinking about her Wrestlemania match. As Jax is set to face Rhonda Rousey in what will be Rousey’s debut match, she’s preoccupied with training. The result? Jax misses her activities with Paige, leading to a short-lived fight between the two.

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Paige soon realizes that what’s really bugging her is the fact that, she signed with the WWE at 19 and thought that would be her future. But now, her injury has made that future unclear.  To try and clear her head, she buys a voodoo doll and comes to the decision that she just has to accept whatever comes and believe she will be okay no matter what.

Meanwhile, Natalya and the Bella Twin’s are hard at work at the Birdiebee booth. Natalya overcompensates a bit by promising that buyers will get a meet-and-greet with the Bella twins, prompting a minor PR crisis.